Managerial Capabilities:

        Our office normally handles multiple projects in all phases of service from design to construction, both out-of-state and in-state work.  We have completed over 95 percent of our projects at or below construction budget cost estimates.  We have had over 90 percent of our projects ready for bidding within the time limits established with the client.  Those few projects which did not meet these time limits were held up by delays in regulatory agency reviews.

        Because the office is completely computerized, both in the production of drawings and specifications, estimating, and in creating reports and other written documents, this allows us to move easily from one project to another as well as interject priority work into our regular schedule in order to expedite critical portions of certain projects while allowing us to return swiftly and efficiently to our normal production schedule.

Problem/Task Resolution:

        Our approach to problem/task resolution involves close and extensive dialog with our clients from the earliest stages of the project through completion of construction.  During this process, we analyze the client’s needs (and wishes), present alternate solutions with explanations and cost data for the options offered.

        Our goal is to provide aesthetically pleasing comfortable structures designed to accommodate the client’s program, constructed of readily available materials, with the client’s budget constraints constantly in mind.

        We draw on our over 40 years of construction experience using innovative solutions to achieve this result.

        We believe that each project should be designed in the client’s best interest and not become “magazine art” intended to enhance the reputation of this office.  Each of our projects has remained uniquely the client’s own.